TED Talk: Schools Kill Creativity

John Stuart Mill wrote, “That so few dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of the time.”

I think Sir Ken Robinson would agree with Mill.  In this witty and intellectually stimulating TED Talk, Robinson explores the idea that creativity is crucial to progressive human existence, and that the lack of creative outlets in the current school curriculum could lead to our downfall.


(Robinson’s TED Talk posted above was so popular, that he was invited back to TED four years later to continue the conversation. Here is his second talk about education entitled “Bring on the Revolution.” )

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1 Response to TED Talk: Schools Kill Creativity

  1. Seth says:

    I played this for my daughter when I first saw it. I told her she has to be the one to fight for her creativity in that environment, which, by the way, is not so different from the corporate environment for which education grooms us. I said, “At any point, whether it is now or months and years from now, your mom and I will pull you out of the system if we sense your creativity and sense of self is threatened by the system.” I don’t have any good solutions for what this guy is talking about, because the change is so fundamental. Resistance would be everywhere. Thanks for posting this!

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