Brene Brown Quote

“If we want to be courageous and if we want to be in the arena then we are going to get our butts kicked.  There is no option.  If you want to be brave and show up in your life, you are going to fail.  You are going to stumble and fall.  That’s part of showing up.

There are a lot of cheap seats in this world where you can sit back and never risk anything and throw criticism at people who are trying.  So if you are not in the arena getting your butt kicked, then I’m not interested in your feedback.”

–Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly

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My weekly quotes and "Notes from Flights" are my attempt to learn how to soar through life's unknowns with grace and gratitude. Thank you for flying with me. --Melissa Myers Place, writer, reader, massage therapist, mother, wife, and daughter
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1 Response to Brene Brown Quote

  1. Gloria Phillips says:

    This is great advice and a good way to move through life. Don’t worry about what other people think………….or say…………… is off their mind and lips in an instant; then they are on to some other gossip while you are still fretting about what they said (and it really never mattered in the first place!). It is all made up! Live for yourself, not for what others may think.

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